It’s all so quiet …

Seems since @TheSaturdays have come back from LA they’ve all gone a bit quiet on us. Rochelle keeps talking up children and babies with Marvin, so is another little-un on the way at some point? Might really throw out their US plans if they are planning to start a family as you can’t travel after a certain period of time! Anyway its all pure speculation at this moment in time, but I’d imagine at some point we will have mini-humes’ running around with the Fodens – The Saturdays extended family continues to expand!

Various ‘extended’ mixes of What About Us has appeared online, obviously out of respect for the group and everyone involved we won’t post anything until something official appears! With a January 2013 date pencilled in for release and with it being the 14th November today they will need to start getting a wiggle on. For example music videos usually premiere 6 weeks before their release so we are closing in on that period now .. I guess time will tell.

Hopefully this is really just the calm before the storm and that we don’t have that much longer to wait!

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