Golden Globes … Frankie B’Day

The Saturdays - Golden Globes 2013

Firstly, Happy Birthday Frankie! From everyone here at The Saturdays Fansite! Who turns 24 today! 🙂 Have a great day!

Well well well, last night our lovely ladies attended the Golden Globes. For those who aren’t aware it’s start of the award season with ends with the the Oscars! The girls walked down the red carpet and performed at the NBC After party too! Nice gig if you can get it right?

Obviously at time of me posting this (9.40am, UK Time) the Golden Globes are only just winding down so information is still filtering through. I’ll keep updating this news item throughout today, pictures will be added shortly, so keep checking back for the latest 🙂

Here’s a video of the girls on the red carpet, from E! (who else?)

There is also a video of the girls on Huffington Post but its sadly blocked in the UK so one for our American visitors to view there.

Just to add, I know PopJustice the other day said that the girls new album is called ‘The Chase’ but they also said a lot of it is unconfirmed. Hopefully they can dig up some additional information on it soo!

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