Mollie, Mollie, Mollie!

Our blonde bombshell Miss Mollie King seems to be grabbing all the news at present! First we start with Mollie at the Mahiki Club at a launch of a new coconut rum .. yeah maybe you are having the same thoughts as we are. Either way Mollie looks amazing as always, the problem is everyone else who is in attendance, Mollie we love you but maybe go to a few events where its not full of Z-Listers? You are a member of a leading girl group afterall! You can check out Mollie – in shorts, in December (we’ve had light snow in London today!) below!

The next piece of news about Miss King is the whole Prince Harry did she, didn’t she issue. Speaking to Closer magazine it is being reported that Mollie said: “Yes, I have met Harry, and we did go out for a drink,” she revealed. “But a lot of the times I’m linked to men, I haven’t even met them!”

Now call me old school but if she went ‘for a drink’ does that mean they where actually dating? Was it even a date? Was it just a drink between mates? Make your own conclusions!

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