Una celebrates her 30th with Family

Nothing wrong with being 30! @UnaHealy celebrated her 30th birthday with family in Dublin whilst her other half, Ben Foden, and his team mates crashed out of the Rugby World Cup after loosing to France.

‘I’m actually quite enjoying the not drinking because you know what? One thing I don’t miss is hangovers. I can tell you that for sure.

‘For anyone who is thinking of giving up drink – it’s not actually that bad.

‘You can get on with your life and get on doing things and not have that awful headache the next day. ‘I’m quite enjoying that to be honest.

‘And when you’re pregnant, for some reason you don’t even want to drink. It’s almost like a natural kind of reaction.’


Single Confirmed: Notorious

Apparently the Industry Music Magazine Music Week has confirmed that the @TheSaturdays new single is Notorious and is due to be be released on 30th May which co-incidentally seems to be the week most schools are off for the half-term in the summer term.

More if we can get hold of it …..

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