Mollie talks babies and 2012

@MollieTheSats talks about babies, David and what 2012 has planned for The Saturdays

The Saturdays star Mollie King has admitted that the girl group “can’t wait” for singer Una Healy to give birth.

The ‘My Heart Takes Over’ singer confessed that she and the rest of the band are all very much looking forward to becoming aunties.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, the singer said: “Una’s really excited about becoming a mum and we can’t wait to be aunties. We’re all like ‘Come on Una, push it out!'”

The star who is currently dating model David Gandy also revealed that the pregnancy has not yet given her any desire to start her own family just yet.

“We want to buy baby clothes for her little girl and take her out and babysit. It hasn’t had a knock on effect in terms of being broody, although we are looking forward to meeting her. Being an auntie means we can play with her and when she starts to cry, hand her back.”

Mollie also went on to discuss how Una will play a part in the band’s upcoming busy year and believes her band mate will eventually bring her child with the girls on tour.

She confessed: “We have a really busy year coming up. Una knew that and is ready to work extra hard too. I’m sure, when she can, she’ll bring the baby with us.”

News of Una’s pregnancy broke in November when she revealed she would be expecting a girl.

The singer has continued to tour with the rest of The Saturdays proudly showing off her baby bump – including a performance at Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 Arena in London last month.

Source: CapitalFM

Rochelle: “Marv and I are boring”

The Saturdays singer says her and JLS Marvin Humes are homebodies but not ready for babies yet

The are one of the most successful couples in British pop, but Rochelle Wiseman doesn’t think her and Marvin are interesting at all.

“I’m a bit of a home girl at heart” said the singer “It’s so funny because when people say I’m in a ‘high profile relationship’, I don’t ever see it like that. It’s just Roch and Marv at home”.

Wiseman said she understands why people are interested in her romance with the JLS singer but that they are “pretty boring”.

Rochelle also said that The Saturdays are very excited about Una Healy’s pregnancy.

“It’s good practice for us (Rochelle and Marvin) because we are not ready for that yet, but we get to give the baby back when its nappy needs changing”.

Source: Heart

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