Mollie King: ‘Watching my godmother die has changed how I see things’

@MolleTheSats opens up to the Daily Mirror about loosing her godmother to cancer, David, and the girls and NOT moving to India.

She might be just 24, but Mollie King has achieved more than most. The ­star is one-fifth of the UK’s hottest ­girlband The Saturdays and has a string of top 10 hits under her skinny belt.

And as well as her ­professional success, the singer has managed to bag herself a gorgeous man – model boyfriend David Gandy, 31.

But while things might seem perfect on the outside, the past few months have been far from easy for Mollie, whose godmother died from breast cancer in October ­last year.

“It’s been a really difficult time because she was my mum’s best friend and I’ve known her all my life,” ­explains Mollie.

“I was also really close to her children. It is one of those things that was such a horrible experience for the whole family and will change everybody’s lives.

“It’s my biggest fear that someone close to me like my mum or dad should get ill.

“Especially over Christmas when you’re a lot more conscious of your family. This year was really sad in some ways because we missed her and the end of the year is the time for reflection.”

It was her godmother’s illness that inspired Mollie to get involved in Asda’s Tickled Pink charity concert ‘Girls’ Night Out’ this Thursday to raise money for Breast Cancer Care and Breast ­Cancer Campaign with Alexandra Burke.

Asda’s Tickled Pink has so far raised over £25million for ­charities.

“Cancer affects so many people and even if it hasn’t ­affected ­someone in your family then you know someone who has ­had it,” says Mollie.

“I think between us five girls in the band, we all have family and friends who’ve been ­affected. We’re so lucky to be doing what we’re doing, that ­we’d be silly not to try and ­raise money.”

Breast cancer is one of ­the country’s most common diseases, killing 1,000 women every month.

Mollie says: “I think until ­you know somebody very close who it happens to, you think it’s something that will never happen ­to you.

“So when it actually does, you realise no one is invincible. It’s not like it’s even an old person’s disease – my godmother was the same age as my parents, which was scary.”

“My biggest fear in life is losing the people I love and the thing with cancer is that it seems that you can’t really control it.”

Mollie’s ­godmother was first ­diagnosed with breast cancer, but eventually it took over elsewhere in her body.

Seeing her ­godmother taken by ­cancer has made the star, from Richmond, Surrey, more aware of her own health and well-being.

“I am quite conscious of exercise and eating healthily, but sometimes I think getting ­cancer can just be bad luck,” Mollie says.

“All of us in the band like to stay fit and healthy. I have a personal trainer who I work out with. She’s amazing and as well as making sure I do loads of sit-ups and press-ups, she also keeps an eye on what ­I eat.”

Not that the slim star needs to worry about her weight. And if the food she and the girls eat on tour is anything to go by, she’s doing pretty well in terms of her healthy diet.

“We recently reassessed our rider and what we asked for ­backstage,” she says. “We realised we were being quite lame because all we ask for is fruit and nuts!

“Now we’re really rock and roll and ask for things like cold meats. You can see where I’m going with this – really rock and roll like baby wipes and toothbrushes!” she laughs.

“Before we go ­on stage we don’t drink so we aren’t ­ordering in bottles of whisky and things like that.”

And despite the worry of the past few months and the ­tragedy of losing someone so close to her, Mollie insists that she is happy. And with a man like Dolce &Gabbana model David on her arm, who can ­blame her?