Rochelle just can’t get enough of…or…NOT!

What is Rochelle loving THIS week?
What is Rochelle loving THIS week?


Gigs: This week I have been to see both Rihanna and Beyoncé in concert and they were absolutely amazing!!! Jay-Z made an appearance it was like all my Christmas’ came at once 🙂

Big Black bags: Gina lent me an amazing bag for the Rihanna launch!!! Too bad I had to give it back 🙁

Patterned tights: As Winter has definitely arrived, it’s all about tights and why wear plain tights when you can have crazy ones?!


Wordshakers: People that you have never met, writing poop about you….not mentioning any names 😉

Stripey highlights: Its not the 90’s haha, its supposed to look natural and sunkissed not like a bumble bee LOL

Delayed flights: What’s the point in getting up super early if you going to have to have around? 🙁