Mollie for Maybelline

Yesterday it was confirmed that Mollie was again attending London Fashion Weekend (20-23rd Feburary) alongside Maybelline, but this time it’s not for a range of lipsticks, it’s for Foundation, the Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Foundation, which is available in stores with a retail price of £8.99.

There are no confirmed details on what day(s) Mollie is at LFW, or what she is actually doing there yet. As soon as something is confirmed we will update you all, as you are aware I did attend the last one in the autumn, and it call it exciting would be incorrect, it’s not very large, and full of clothes you still can’t afford despite the discounts! But if you are a true fashion connoisseur it’s probably a great day out – I got lost after about 5mins if I’m being honest!

As you have probably noticed, we’ve given the site a minor refresh to celebrate the release of Not Giving Up in April! 😀

It’s also a big day for me today too as on a personal level, its the date of my second anniversary with my girlfriend Rosie. 🙂

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