Starstruck up in the air

It’s back to our second favourite day of the week – Friday! Nearly the weekend, and maybe some nice news in the mailer .. or maybe not? Either way I would love to bring you all the news you’ve been waiting for be it the tour, or the premiere of ‘Bigger’ which still hasn’t happened (yet, wasn’t it supposed to be this week?), or promo news or anything – it’s just a little quiet, maybe the quiet before the storm?

Either why Frankie has been out and about enjoying the sunny weather with Parker yesterday, the dailymail kindly take to saying that she is ‘overdressed’ – I mean seriously, its sunny here this morning but it was also 4c in the shade, I’m not getting the shorts out thank you DM!

Mollie spotted with ‘mystery man’

Seems the media have been following the girls around a lot recently with Una’s wedding today!

We spy, with our little eyes, something beginning with a very yummy man. It seems Mollie King may have found herself a new Prince Charming.  What’s more, the mystery man gets the wag of approval from her gorgeous pup, Alfie. Molls has been spotted wandering around London town accompanied by her adorable pooch Alfie and an equally gorgeous young man. Whether he’s just a friend or a new love interest, he certainly seems well trained. What a perfect gent he is carrying Mollie’s bag for her. Hot AND practical – just how we like ’em.



Source: Sky Living

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