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It’s not gone unnoticed that music’s needed a bloody good kick up the arse for some time now. Indie and R&B are all well and good, but what the hell are we supposed to dance to? Well wonder no more, because The Saturdays are about to throw themselves headfirst into your consciousness like a five-woman whirlwind, and bring back some much-needed, shameless fun to the charts.

As well as being sassy, talented and purveyors of some of the most instantly likeable songs you’ll have heard for eons, these girls just wanna have fun. They don’t take themselves too seriously, their tracks are genuinely brilliant and adults are going to love them just as much as kids. What’s not to like?

They’re called The Saturdays because, as Rochelle explains, “It’s everyone’s favourite day of the week, and it’s always the best night out.”

They’re pure pop, and proud of it. “Why are people ashamed of pop?” says Mollie. “Everyone’s taking themselves so seriously at the moment. We’re a proper, full-on girl band and we’re loving it.”

“We’re not models who can’t sing – we can all sing, we can all dance,” adds Frankie, “and no one’s telling us who to be or what to do. We’re all different because we’re just ourselves, and that’s the way it should be.”

The fivesome are about to head off on tour with Girls Aloud ahead of the release of their first single, the electro-pop winner If This Is Love (£1.50 and packet of Chewits to the first person who can spot the subtle sample).

“We can’t wait to get out and sing in front of loads of people, it’s going to be brilliant,” says an excited Vanessa, “and I’m sure there will be some good parties along the way.”

“And getting our first single out there is going to be amazing,” continues Una. “We’ve been working hard for a long time now and we want to show everyone what we’re all about and what we can do. We’re ready for it!”

Frankie from Essex
Frankie first found fame in S Club Juniors back in 2002. She continued singing after the band split and has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to come along – and here it is. She says it how it is and she’s a take you or leave you kind of girl. She loves going to gigs and hates it when people make noise while they’re eating – “I always have to say something”. She loves men and will openly check out any handsome guys that walk past, and it’s safe to say that most men will find they’ve met their match in her. When it comes to guys she likes scruffy musician types and is most likely to find her perfect partner at a festival. She’s a perfectionist and she currently has an obsession with chocolate croissants.

Una, from Tipperary, Ireland
Una started her singing career in a rock band, and later wrote and recorded her own album, which she showcased around the bars and clubs of her native Ireland. She’s a sensitive, feisty type who seems like the sensible member of the group, but every now and again she’ll surprise you with her wicked sense of humour. She’s laid back and a bit of a homebody and loves relaxing and watching films. She’s an amazing guitarist, enjoys working out any stress down the gym and she loves a cup of tea. She can’t bear negative people and doesn’t understand why people feel the need to diss others. Her fellow band mates say that “everything about her is classy”.

Mollie from Richmond
Mollie was in a couple of girl bands when she was younger but never got to the stage where any music was released. She’s girlie, has one of the loudest laughs you’ll ever hear and gets excited about everything. She’s abbreviates any word she can, can’t wait to meet celebrities (Britney is her absolute favourite) and is a big worrier. She dislikes rude and unmotivated people and loves fashion, rummaging around for vintage clothes. She likes long hair on a man and would like to meet a nice surfer guy on the beach.

Vanessa from East London
Vanessa was born in Somerset and attended the famous Sylvia Young Theatre School in Central London. She’s appeared in several theatre shows, including the West End production of The Lion King. Rochelle describes her as “our Christina Aguilera – but ridiculously modest”. Her favourite saying is ‘cringe’, she’s cute with a feisty side and is very clear about what she does and doesn’t like. She laughs at anything and everything, and even though she may comes across as a bit shy at first, she can often be found getting into trouble with her partner-in-crime, Frankie. She can be hyper, loves bright clothes and hates rude, arrogant or bitchy people.

Rochelle from Essex
Rochelle was a child actress and was later in S Club Juniors with – you guessed it! – Frankie, who she’s known since she was 9. She presented for Children’s BBC for two years after S Club split, before landing her place in the band. She’s bubbly, loud, funny and loves shopping – “I don’t like saving for a rainy day. If it’s raining, I’ll go shopping anyway!” And she likes to convince the other girls in the band to spend money to lessen her guilt. Her mum is her best friend and she hates people breathing on her and bad smells (especially people with BO on the tube). She’s opinionated and honest and loves people with ambition. She likes tall, dark, muscley, handsome men who are successful at whatever they do. She’s keeps the band in check, and makes sure everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there!

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