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Hey everyone, hope everyone’s good!!

I’ve just had the most amazing weekend. We did 2 nights at 02 in London!

I can honestly say I’ve never performed in front of so many people in my life or seen that many for that matter, it was unreal! It only really hit me in the middle of performing ‘ISSUES’ coz that’s the only track where we literally just sing. I just saw thousands and thousands of lights! I had to pinch myself! Definitely had a Vanessa moment then! We all came off stage buzzing! I then decided to watch GA for like the 3rd time now lol (can’t get enough) They just amaze me.

After all that fun and games we went to a wicked party that Girls Aloud were throwing for everyone involved in the tour. EVERYONE was there and it was really nice to socialise with everyone when you’re not just about to rush on to stage. My bubble burst though when we had to get back in the car at about midnight and drive to Cardiff!! It took three and a half hours so we arrived at 3.30am. I headed straight to bed. It was all worth it in the end though coz Cardiff was brilliant and so much fun!! Right now I’m back in the car which is now officially my second home 🙂 Its quite funny really. I can hear Rochelle in the front chatting away on the phone, Mollie in front of me listening to Britney, Frankie sitting next to her with her packet of sweets and Una next to me with her legs stretched out asleep!! Home sweet home!!!


Love Vanessa
xxx 🙂

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