We are famous .. visited by Rochelle – new Interview

This is a new Interview with Rochelle in the Metro Newspaper, during the Interview she mentions visiting our very forum – infact this topic – so proof that The Saturdays Fansite is THE place to be for the latest news about The Saturdays!

Did you get recognised?
Sometimes. It was a bit weird. They’d be like: ‘What’s she doing here?’ My friend sent me a link to an internet forum and the thread was: ‘Rochelle in leaflet shocker.’ It said: ‘Why has she lowered herself to that?’ I’m not too la-di-da to get a job. I wasn’t doing anything dodgy or making bogus benefit claims.

The rest of the Interview:

Are you the new Girls Aloud?
We’re five girls and we sing pop music but we’re a different band. It’s a compliment because Girls Aloud have done so well but we’ve worked with Rihanna’s producers and have a different vibe.

You don’t have a ginger one – will it prove a fatal mistake?
No, but we’ve got a blonde and a few brunettes. Having a ginger wasn’t at the top of our list of priorities.

What’s the biggest argument you’ve had in the group?
We don’t really argue. We get on well and that’s because we don’t all live together. There isn’t a Saturdays house, we’re not on top of each other. It was suggested we’d all live together but we’re happy living at home still. If someone’s a bit grouchy, it’s usually just because it’s that time of the month.

Why did you stop presenting?
Smile finished and my contract ended. They’ve stopped all those children’s morning magazine shows. I started dancing and singing lessons after the show ended and started auditioning again.

What was your worst presenting moment?
I had to cook on the programme and something went a bit wrong once. I said ‘bloody hell’ and got told off afterwards. It was very strict. I had to train myself not to say ‘s***’ and I couldn’t even say ‘Oh, my God!’ because it’s blasphemous. I really had to watch what I said.

Is Charley from last year’s Big Brother really your mate?
No, and I don’t know how that rumour started. I’ve never even had a conversation with the girl. I know people who know her and we’ve said ‘hi’ but we’re not friends.

Would you do Big Brother yourself?
No. We did Channel 4’s Nokia Green Room recently where you sit ‘backstage’ in a room chatting with other performers. Afterwards, I was thinking: ‘Did I pick my nose? Did I pull a wedgie out?’ We were edited nicely but it’s not like that on Big Brother. You’re setting yourself up for a fall.

Were you exploited as an S Club 8 member?
When you’re that age, if someone asks you if want to come out of school and sing and dance, you’re going to say ‘yes’. I was going to dance lessons every weekend anyway. Our parents were involved and we were only allowed to work a set amount of hours a day. It’s so different now. Now I know what real work is, ha ha.

Some people said your management dressed you all too saucily for your age…
That’s ridiculous. The only make-up we were allowed was a bit of lip balm and, on special occasions, mascara. The outfits were jeans and T-shirts. If you think that’s bad, you need to look around at what young girls are wearing today – it’s definitely more scary. You see children of that age walking down the street smoking, that’s worse than a bit of lip balm.

Did you consider getting a proper job after S Club 8 ended?
When it ended it was a shock. We went from having every hour scheduled to waking up at home thinking: ‘What am I doing today?’ I landed Smile straight after. When that ended, I had a year with no money coming in. I was giving out leaflets for a local radio station in Essex. It was horrible. Everyone was like: ‘No, I don’t want your leaflet.’ That’s why I take leaflets from people in the street now because it’s so disheartening.

Do you get on with Girls Aloud or are you deadly rivals?
We were the support act on their tour. They had long sound checks and interviews, they were always working, but they’d sit down and have dinner with us which was nice because they didn’t have to.

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