Gossip from The Saturdays Girls : Part 1

Best dream you have ever had?

MAN that’s a lot of dreams to choose from! I’m always dreaming!…In the car, on the train, at night time, jeepers!! I used to dream ALL THE TIME about being signed to Polydor! I’m the luckiest girl that it’s come true!!!

Worst nightmare you have ever had?
I was skiing…naked (don’t ask why!) and everyone was looking at me! Ahh scary!

What instrument would you love to play?

I can play guitar but I’d love to be really amazing at it. Also the drums intrigue me.

What animal would you be?
A cat because apparently I have a lot of the characteristics.

What fruit would you be?

Passion fruit. Haha!!

Which Sex And The City character are you?
I think I am a cross between Carrie and Charlotte!!

If your house was burning down…What would you save first?
My Laptop!

How are you doing your bit to save the planet?
I recycle all plastic, paper and glass.

Saturdays book club suggestions please?

At the moment I’m going through so many Martina Cole books! Right now I’m reading Close!! But I’ve read…The Runaway, Goodnight Lady, Faceless, The Take, Broken…to name only a few!! The way she writes makes me want to read more and more. It’s captivating!!

What instrument would you love to play?
The guitar

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