The Saturdays fansite has a refresh

Time for a little refresh around here.

We have a great new look thanks to visitor Designby12 of which we are truely thankful for. I’m also getting around (finally some of you might say) to updating the site. We now have a discography section which is new to the site. I’m also getting around to updating the information pages and the tour pages. The media section is also due a major revamp too. As Monday is a bank holiday here in the UK I plan to get the information & tour pages up to scratch and if I have any spare time I will make a start on the media pages.

– Discography pages are now finished.
– Tour pages have been updated to reflect the girls headlining tour and summer festival shows.
– Biography pages now has a proper index page, the group biography has been updated (the graphic is still missing, I’m aware of that, will be fixed asap!)
– Media pages for If This Is Love and Up are now online. Other songs to follow shortly.

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