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De Montfort Hall
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As Sunday came to a close I trotted to the lovely De Montfort Hall to watch The Saturdays dance and sing and my could they dance and sing. Against a back drop of neon lights they blasted out the the best songs from their current album, some tracks from their up and coming album, a pretty awesome medley of girl power songs (Rhianna ‘Shut up and Drive’ and Katie Perry ‘I kissed a girl’ to name a few) as well as a fantastic cover of last years hit ‘Beggin.’ With a number of costume changes splattered through out there was very little more I could ask for.

The girls did a very good job of shaking off the image of a ‘do gooder’ pop band as some of their routines (especially, ‘I Just Can’t Get Enough’) can only be described as slutty. But the poor Saturdays did have to wear some horrid clothes, there seemed to be an unspoken rule that only one Saturday was allowed to look good at any given moment and it was Frankie that seemed to bare the brunt of this having to wear two skin tight long sleeve tops, one with a built in basque and both with the truly unique function of giving her boobs a Dalek like quality. Rochelle came in a close second with her horrid bejeweled hoof boots (perhaps they are getting punished for their earlier pop success in S Club 8.)

That’s enough of the negative. The singing was impeccable Vanessa took the lead but each girl could hold their own and all was made even more perfect by The Saturdays clearly looking as though they were having a lot of fun, unlike another girl band who can barely look each other in the eye. It truly was an awesome fun filled night, it takes a lot to get me up and dancing at a pop concert but these girls managed it (they also made the little girl next to me cry with joy) . Well done I look forward to seeing what they get up to next.

P.S. For those special few who are going to any of the shows, enjoy yourselves. Remember: If you catch any pics or vids, send them to [email protected].

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