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Cardiff International Arena
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AS I entered the arena, I immediately wondered what I had let myself in for. I felt like a parent at a school disco, except that all the children had higher heels, shorter dresses and more makeup than I did. I knew The Saturdays would have some young fans, but I hadn’t expected to be the most mature of them all. However, once I’d practised my girly laugh and had a sip on my soft drink, I felt ready to jump right into the teenage action.

Two acts preceded the main event – teeny boppers Mini Viva and chart-topper Pixie Lott. Both put in competent performances, especially the latter, whose crystal clear voice and sparkly leotard really set the standard. In fact, I thought The Saturdays would struggle to top it, but they sure gave it a good go. Despite opening the show with my least favourite song, If This Is Love, they got me up on my feet dancing and singing along. It’s no wonder they have a young fan base, as they themselves acted like girly teenagers on stage – giggling and waving excitedly.

They had four costume changes during the show – and most of the outfits left little to the imagination with some questionable choices, including a puff-ball skirt which resembled a meringue and sequined all-in-ones. However they still managed to look like superstars.

They sang their hearts out, and two of the girls even played the guitar at one point, proving they’re more than just pretty faces. The set included all their top 10 hits, lesser-known tunes from their album, and covers, including a chart medley and their version of Frankie Valli’s Begging. Mid-show all eyes were drawn to the big screen for some backstage footage – more giggling. And as the show drew to a close, a sign asking the screaming teens “Do you want some more?” prompted the girls to sing their most popular two songs – Issues and Up.

The Saturdays are seen by many as the wannabe Girls Aloud, and despite a Cheryl Cole jibe during one of the songs, they more than held their own. I left the arena with my ears ringing, not from the band or the tunes I knew and loved, but from the excitable young audience surrounding me. For their biggest performance yet, the five girls did themselves proud, leaving me wishing they needed a sixth member.

P.S. For those special few who are going to any of the shows, enjoy yourselves. Remember: If you catch any pics or vids, send them to [email protected].

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