Hiring Employees for the 2009-10 Season!!

Now Hiring for the 2009-2010 Season!

We always need new staff! Do you wanna “Work”! Click “read more” to see our open positions!

We have these positions available:

  • Writer (No Limit)
  1. Write the news for the site.
  • Graphic Designer (No Limit)
  1. Design layouts, images, and graphics for the site.
  • Administrators (3* at SNVIP)
  1. Moderate Saturday Night VIP.
  2. Moderators of the Generation Network forum automatically qualify. Send us a message to our profile to apply.
  • Bilingual Writers (No Limit)
  1. Write Sat news for different countries.
  • Bilingual Designers and Programmers (No Limit)
  1. Program our sites in different countries.
  • Social Networking Moderators (3*)
  1. Manage our pages on various social networking sites (Myspace, Twitter, etc.).
  • More positions to be added in the future.

* Number of positions is subject to change.

Contact [email protected] for more information or to apply for a position. And to clarify, all positions are no pay!

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