Frankie Blogs about the “Showbiz Awards”.

Frankie blog about the entire night! DRESS and all. Read after the jump!!!

Hey Guys,

Frankie in <strong>THAT</strong> infamous dress.
Frankie in THAT infamous dress.

We went to The Variety Club Awards on Sunday night as some of you may know. It was our first awards evening and the first award we have ever been asked to present. I was so nervous because I had the longest part of the speech to deliver. Get me up to sing and dance any day, but public speaking, that’s another story! Ha. I made sure I memorised all my words even though we were assured there would be an auto cue.

Our stylist Robert turned up a few hours before the red carpet with our outfits, so until then we had no idea what we would be wearing! As soon as he pulled my Swarovski covered dress out the bag I knew it was for me! It was so heavy even though it had millions of holes all over it! There was a bit of an underwear situation so a last minute dash to Selfridges was made to get the smallest thong they had and a row of diamantes to sew on to it! There was no way I was going commando!

When we went down the red carpet the photographers kept asking us to turn around and look over our shoulders. It wasn’t until afterwards that Mollie and Una pointed out that the reason they kept asking was because my dress had a big slit right on my bum cheek! Now it all makes sense!

My dress was not the only thing that made an impression because as I sat down at the table I knocked loads of drinks over too, typical. This would not have been so bad except for the fact that Sir Ben Kingsley & Sir Ian McKellen (to mention a few) were on the same table!

I met loads of cool people. Spandau Ballet were so nice. Giving us loads of advice and laughing because I wasn’t even born when they were first together or even when they broke up! Ha.

As I’m trying to get as involved as I can with ‘Help For Heroes’, I made a special effort to go over to ‘The Soldiers’ who have released an album to raise money for the Soldiers Benevolent Fund. I couldn’t believe that one of the guys was only 24 and he has already fought on the front line. It must strange to be at war one minute and the next performing in front of huge crowds and selling thousands of albums! Ha, I know which job I’d prefer.

Presenting the award wasn’t as bad as I had imagined. Everything went to plan but I was relieved when it was over I have to admit! Now I want to do more!

A couple of you have been asking about my ‘Help For Heroes’ bracelet I wore that night. I’ve also got a HFH hoodie and everyone will be getting HFH Christmas cards from me this year! It would be great if you could help me to support this charity. Check out their website and twitter.

I shall be back with more for my page soon. I had better go get ready for Child Line performance! And don’t worry, there will be more of Flea and Presley very soon!

Love Frankie xxxxxxx’

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