The Saturdays talk X Factor style

Source: Celebrity Channel Eleven

The Saturdays were sporting mega-bouffant quiffs that John and Edward would have been proud of when I bumped into them backstage at T4 Stars of 2009. “We’ve got the Jedward quiff!” laughed Rochelle.

With Girls Aloud on a break, the ladies are poised to steal the pop queens’ crown and are giving them a run for their money in the style stakes too! But despite a tabloid tug-of-war over who is the X Factor’s best-dressed judge, being so style savvy themselves, I wanted the girls’ opinion. Were they Team Cole or Team Minogue?

“Sometimes I think Cheryl looks the best and then other times I think Dannii does, it’s like they’re taking it in turns and saying, ‘I’m wearing the good one tonight!’ says Molly. ‘But Cheryl is outrageous and she always turns heads!”

Very democratic ladies!

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