The Sats Sex Up Playlist!

Source: Daily Star

With Girls Aloud away, The Saturdays are the UK’s top girl band. The foxy fivesome look set to rack up another Top 10 with new single Ego, out today. Mollie, 22, and Frankie, Vanessa and Rochelle, all 20, offered to guest edit today while Una, 28, and I still nurse our New Year heads.

We find it funny because we didn’t do it on purpose to get more attention.

We’re five young girls who like to feel sexy. It just so happens that our new stylist likes us to look like that as well.

We played it safe before because people didn’t really know us, but now we’re taking more risks.

It’s like what Cheryl Cole said to Kandy Rain on X Factor and it’s the same with every girlband – you’re allowed to venture out a bit more as you get down the line.

We’re not sure how many other girls will be squeezing into miniscule dresses, though, because now Girls Aloud and Sugababes are returning with new albums this year there doesn’t seem space for anyone else.

No-one had followed in their footsteps for a while and luckily we were the first, so we think we’ve played our part in making girl bands popular. Talking of our labelmates Girls Aloud, it looks like we’re going to release an album a year like they did.

Most bands disappear in the studio for a couple of months and just concentrate on their new album.

We’d love to do that but it’s dead important to still be around. It means album three will be tough because we’d like to take time out this year to focus on it so we can write more of our own tracks.

We’d planned to do that with Wordshaker but because things were going so well we wanted to get it out quickly. We wrote the track called Deeper and all of our B-sides, so we’re definitely taking a step in the right direction.

We’ll soon be going to Germany and Asia as we want to be a band that gigs everywhere.

But don’t worry, we won’t be away for too long. We’d hate to miss out on what’s happening in Britain because we still feel like there’s lots left to do.

Now we’ve become more established, everything’s stepping up. The videos, styling and songs have all got better.

We can’t wait for what the future has in store for The Saturdays.


We don’t feel famous. If it’s a day off, then we feel no-one will recognise us. But we are getting more attention from the paparazzi.

You have to think of things you’d never normally consider – like how you get out of a car.

And they get quite aggressive, which is scary.

They pushed a friend of Frankie’s on the bonnet of her car once when he tried to protect her. It’s not nice.

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