The-Saturdays.Co.Uk to change to Cheryl Cole.Co.Uk

Dear Viewers,

Yes, everyone. We have come to a crossroads in the site. Due to Cheryl Cole’s latest popularity, we have decided to transform this site into one now strictly dedicated for the singer. This may be a hard change for our sat loyal, but it is one we feel absolutely EXCITED ABOUT!!!!!! You may still notice some Saturdays posts and images and such as you browse the site. Hopefully all of this will be gone by tomorrow (2 April, 2010), and we will be ready to start a new chapter!!!!


The-S Cheryl

Update: By the way,


You didn’t think we would just drop our loyalty like that, did you?! There is no change! The-Saturdays.Co.Uk will always be The-Saturdays.Co.Uk!!! The regular site will be returning soon, but we want to doccument this!

1 thought on “The-Saturdays.Co.Uk to change to Cheryl Cole.Co.Uk”

  1. westendonbroadway

    what on earth has happened to THE SATURDAYS website????

    why did you change it?

    saturdays fans are gonna be furious! especially me!

    why couldn’t you have just made a seperate site for cheryl????

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