Hair Gave Us the Willies

THE SATURDAYS got more than they bargained for at the West End launch of Hair – when male cast members unleashed their, erm, male members.

The wholesome girlband were shocked to see “full blown willies” onstage at the opening night of the revamped musical.

Their blushes were triggered by a couple of characters who strip naked to intimidate police as part of an anti-war demonstration.

But it seems the sexy fivesome were left more unsettled by their full-frontal shenanigans than the fictitious cops.

Singer ROCHELLE WISEMAN Tweeted after last night’s performance: “No one prepared me for nudity. Full blown Willies!

“WOW – I’m scarred. What an amazing show though.”

Bandmate VANESSA WHITE was equally flustered by the unexpected appearance of liberated manhoods.

She wrote: “Wow they were actually all FULLY NAKED wooo haha – was unsure where to look!”

They should stick those quotes on the poster…

Source:The Sun

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