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Stay tuned right here for the new The-Saturdays.Co.Uk!

Welcome Sat Loyal! You see this new logo and slightly new design? This is an indicator of big changes to come! We have many improvements, updates, and new features to be added to the site. Below is a “Honey To Do List” of all the changes we will be making. If the text is struck through, then the task has already been completed. A status update will be in parenthesis next to the point telling where we are in doing the task. Watch this list for interesting updates!!!!

  • Install Tweetboard (Done)
  • Choose between toolbar or Tweetboard (Soon)
  • Fully organize posts (In Progress)
  • Improve registration process and user interaction (In Progress)
  • Improve chatting technology (Coming Soon)
  • Fully Update Galleries (Done)
  • Revamp forums (In Progress)
  • Update and improve discography section (Coming Soon)
  • Update and improve biography section (In Progress)
  • Update and improve media section (In Progress)
  • Improve ways of contact, webtools and disclaimer (Coming Soon)
  • Revamp myspace (Coming Soon)

Want to add any suggestions? Contact us at [email protected].

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