Sex and The Saturdays: The Secret Behind ‘New York’ Vid!

GORGEOUS girlband The Saturdays go all Sex And The City for their new pop video with a stroll down the streets of New York.

But look carefully, because all is not as it seems.

In fact, the leggy lovelies have headed to sunny LA to use the Fox Studios’ Big Apple set for their video.

We joined the bubbly babes for a sneak peek at the new promo for their latest single Higher, which sees the five girls living it up like Carrie and Co.

“We’re having so much fun in New York,” giggles blonde Mollie King, 23. “Though actually it’s Los Angeles. We’re at Fox Studios which is so cool because Britney Spears has been here – that’s all that matters! And now we are!

“There’s a yellow taxi and a school bus, it’s like New York so I feel like Carrie Bradshaw!”

But bandmate Rochelle Wiseman, 21, has spent a fortune on keeping up with the designer-clad quartet by going on shopping sprees in between shoots.

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She confides during a break in filming: “I’ve done quite a bit of shopping and bought quite a bit.

“It’s a bit naughty I know. I spent my money on lots of clothes because everything seems cheaper. Dollars are like magic money and it doesn’t seem like much is coming out of your account.
“But now I’ve realised it took a massive dent out of my balance so I can’t go crazy for a while.”

Not content with shopping til she drops, Rochelle, who dates JLS hunk Marvin Humes, 25, has also managed to get a more permanent reminder of her trip to the States. She says: “I got a new piercing in my right earlobe.

“It wasn’t sore but I think I’m quite a tough cookie and have a high pain threshold. I’ve already got my belly button pierced.”

As Rochelle gets called away to film a particular scene, Frankie Sandford and Una Healy bound over, full of excitement about the new single and video.

It features rapper Flo Rida, 30 – who coincidentally is the artist who kept The Saturdays off the top chart spot with their last single Missing You.

“The video is going to be amazing,” laughs Frankie, 21. “And we hope everyone likes the single. We’re so excited to be working with Flo Rida – he’s a legend!”

Irish beauty Una, 28, adds: “The song will lift your spirits and make you want to dance. It’s like the 2010 version of our single Up, all about stepping up in a relationship and making it work.”
Back to Rochelle, who is desperately seeking out some shade from the red-hot midday sun.

“It’s boiling on set,” she groans. “It was freezing when we started and now all of a sudden it’s really hot. I keep running into the shade because my make-up is literally melting off me.”

But some of the girls are enjoying the change in climate, with Vanessa White, 20, adding: “We’ve heard it’s raining back home – it always seems to rain when we’re not there! I’m loving all this heat and sunshine.”

They might be having fun in sunny LA, but is there anything the girls are missing from back home?

“Baked beans!” yells Rochelle. “I love it here but I miss baked beans at breakfast.”

The Saturdays’ new single Higher is out on November 1. Their album Headlines is out now.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. Omg girls i love you so, so much! I would love for a chance to see you live sometime in the U.k. Your all georgous girls..all have great boyfriends and you all wear lush clothes!! Your my fave girl-band ever! Your songs are great and always get me dancing! Im 13 years old and from south Wales..your soo popular here i think you should visit for a gig sometime

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