It’s #missionmollie time

It’s time for #teamsats to start #missionmollie for @MollieTheSats

We call upon every member of TeamSats to vote for Mollie for the Dyslexia It’s Me award, to vote simply copy/paste the tweet below and tweet it (or create your own, but remember to keep the important bits in!)

@dyslexiaitsme I nominate @molliethesats Mollie King for the #itsmechoiceaward! #missionmollie

You can also e-mail a vote for mollie to [email protected]

and also “Like” their page on facebook and leave a comment on their page to vote for Mollie

You have a whole month to vote, and thats not just voting once now and forgetting, vote daily, vote several times a day – a lot of other people are for other acts – so we need to all vote for Mollie as much as we can. So remember to vote vote and vote again 🙂

We’ve setup a support Facebook for our missionmollie appeal, you can like this and also join in the voting via @mollieitsme on twitter

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