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Having notched up a mightily impressive eight top ten hits over the past three years and two sell-out tours, The Saturdays have emerged as the only serious contender to topple Girls Aloud as the UK’s champion girlband. Little over nine months after theirHeadlines! mini-album, Frankie, Mollie, Una, Vanessa and Rochelle are now pushing forward with the release of their new single, ‘Notorious’, as well as gearing up for their third (fourth?) studio album. Excited, we sat down with the girls to find out what else they’re cooking up in the studio for us.

What is you’re new single ‘Notorious’ all about?
Mollie: “It’s the first single off our fourth album and it’s really exciting for us. It’s obviously still pop, but it’s got more of a dance beat behind it. It’s about when you step on to the dancefloor and transform into a completely different person – when you turn into a bad girl!”
Una: “Dance is massive at the moment so it’s a dance track, but it also has something unique behind it. It’s got this drop-out chorus where it’s just the beat and you can only hear our voices – there aren’t many tracks like that, so it’s a bit different.”

Have you been pleased with the response to it?
Rochelle: “It’s been really good. We haven’t had one bad comment! It only got added to the music channels today and I think it’s already number two on this week’s top ten.”
Mollie: “It’s quite nerve-wracking though because we’ve obviously heard it for weeks now and we love it, so when you play it to the fans they’re going to tell you honestly and thankfully it has had a good response. As long as we’re keeping them happy!”

What can we expect from your new album?
Mollie: “We’ve grown up a little bit now and we’re starting to write a lot more. We’ve been doing this for a good few years so we have a lot to say! We haven’t finished the album yet so we’re still experimenting.”
Una: “We want to put out the best album we possibly can out we want it to be better than any of our other albums, so we’re going to record loads of songs and pick from them. We’re really part of the creative process this time.”

Is ‘Notorious’ indicative of the album’s sound?
Rochelle: “Not really. We love that song, but there are others we like that are a different style and so there will be some ballads on there. In terms of it being a step up, then yeah, definitely. It’s not all the same kind of feel.”

How much of the record are you writing this time?
Una: “We’ve been in the studio writing loads, but we’re also going to go somewhere quite remote for a week and just work on loads of songs together. We’ve probably written about five or six that we love and would like to see go on the album, but we know we can do even better if we just sit down and get the time.”

Click more below to read the whole interview. Remember Notorious is OUT NOW – Click here to purchase from iTunes!
Click here to watch the debut performance of Notorious on So You Think You Can Dance!

What kind of music is influencing you at the moment?
Rochelle: “There isn’t one specific sound influencing us – we kind of go into a studio and pick a beat we like and build up from there. We’ve not really thought about other artists’ songs really.”
Mollie: “Because there are five of us, we split up and write in twos or threes, and lyrically I think we’ve got so much going on. Even though we spend a lot of time together, we still have five separate lives and so we have so much to talk about. We never run dry on lyrics as there are so many dramas going on in our lives – we’re five girls after all.”

What producers have you been working with?
Mollie: “We’ve worked with Steve Mac, who we’ve worked with quite a bit in the past. We’re also working with Ina Wroldsen and David Eriksen who have done a lot of our previous tracks. Also Brian Higgins, but we’re going to be working with more people in the next couple of weeks.”

Do you have any collaborations planned?
Rochelle: “There are lots of people we’d like to work with, but it’s just down to timings. There could be – watch this space.”

Were you happy with ‘Headlines’ chart performance?
Rochelle: “Definitely. It was a different album for us because it was a smaller package.”
Frankie: “It was more about sales than the chart for us and people don’t really see that apart from us.”
Una: “Taking the album on tour was great because there were a lot of singles on there, which the fans loved. And we loved performing every song on it too – and so I think the tour spoke for the album really.”

You’re going back on tour in December, do you have any initial ideas about what you would to do for it?
Frankie: “The only thing we’ve really come to a conclusion on it that we want to fly! We’re like, ‘We’ll do whatever you want, as long as you let us fly!'”
Rochelle: “Until we finish the album we can’t really say. We’ll work from the album and get a feel for what the record is about and build on that. But we’re really excited that we’ve got a tour to plan.”

You recently put out your documentary on Channel 4 called What Goes On Tour. Will there be another series of The Saturdays: 24/7?
Rochelle: “Not just yet. We’re always talking to ITV2, but we’ll just have to wait and see.”

There is often an expectation that UK acts will try and crack the States – do you have any plans to release an album out there?
Frankie: “We still want to crack the UK even more first. We are going to start going Germany this year, so we’ll probably try out Europe first. America is that bigger step and I don’t think we really want to rush away from Britain just yet. We’ll kind of get there, when we get there.”

What are you releasing in Germany?
Una: We’re releasing ‘Notorious’ there – they don’t want to listen to our old stuff and we want to keep moving forward with the new material. ‘Notorious’ is going to be released simultaneously there as it is here.”
Frankie: “It’s going to go out all around Europe.”
Rochelle: “And that’s nice for us as well because it means we don’t to back and put those tights on again!”

You performed on So You Think You Can Dance at the weekend. Do you have any other promo lined up?
Rochelle: “The track is out now to download, but the physical single isn’t out until June 27. We’ll definitely be doing more promo, but we can’t say what.”
Una: “It’s because of this new thing where the digital release is really soon after the radio premiere, so more of our promo will be around the physical release too. We still believe in the physical release so it will be nice to keep some of the promotion until then.”

‘Notorious’ is out now. Their forthcoming as-yet-untitled album follows later this year.

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