Notorious: In Free fall

The LACK of promotional activity from @TheSaturdays is hitting Notorious, and BADLY. Early chart sales for this week already have it down at number 23, at this rate by the time the promotional activity hits up again around the time of the physical release the song will be way out of the charts.

As the group aren’t doing much promo at present its up to us – the fans – to keep the promo up, the ONLY sales source at present is on iTunes and other digital download sites, so make sure you get everyone buying it! Also contact your local (and national) radio stations and make sure they keep playing the song!!

2 thoughts on “Notorious: In Free fall”

  1. Honestly, trying to acquire ‘Notorious’ in the states is near impossible! I couldn’t purchase it on Amazon or ITunes because it was released in the UK and I like in the US/ I know it’s some funny political things going on with that, but a lot more people love the single that just can’t get their hands on it! 🙁

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