The Saturdays discuss touring, songs and flying

@TheSaturdays talk up their forthcoming album to PopDash
PopDash: You have just announced your biggest ever tour, how does it feel to be playing arenas at this stage in your career?

Frankie: It’s just amazing, that’s the only word for it really. It’s so exciting and something we’ve always dreamed of.

PopDash: Have you played those big stages in the past? Festivals and support shows, that kind of thing?

Vanessa: We got our first big break when we supported Girls Aloud on shows of this size and we never thought that we would get this far in our wildest dreams.

PopDash: Does this feel like the a new chapter in your career?

Frankie: Yeah, like when we supported Girls Aloud we were so in awe of them that we just thought “Wow”, we’ll never be like them and now we’re headlining the same places we were opening just a few years ago.

PopDash: How do you imagine your live show will change for the arenas?

Frankie: Everything has to be bigger doesn’t it? We’ll be pulling out the tricks so more costumes, more dance routines and lots of sparkles! All we know is that we want to fly at some point in the show.

PopDash: Flying as in wires and suspension?

Frankie: No, we’re actually going to learn to fly.

PopDash: OK, you got us there.

Both: (Laughter).

PopDash: Do you remember going to big concerts when you you were younger? Or even recently, you must have seen some great people.

Vanessa: Yeah, totally. I mean we’ve grown up going to see people put on really big shows and it’s kind of scary to think that so many people are going to be coming to see us.

PopDash: Obviously, you’ll be performing the new single at these shows. How have you found the reaction to ‘Notorious’?

Frankie: The reaction has been great. ‘Notorious’ is quite different to our previous singles and we love it but want our fans to like it to so we’re really happy that they do. It’s much clubbier than our other stuff and we love the beat of it.

PopDash: Is it typical of the stuff you’re working on for the next album?

Vanessa: Not typical, the new album is really varied. That’s the great thing about pop music, you get to try lots of different styles of music. Sometimes you want to put some R’n’B into the songs, sometimes dance music and then there’s always a few big ballads too.

PopDash: How is the recording going?

Frankie: It’s going really well thanks. We still have a lot to do but what we have so far is sounding great. We’re just writing a lot at the moment and working out what we want to say on this album.

PopDash: What sort of things are you writing about?

Frankie: Well five girls all together so obviously a lot of man bashing!

PopDash: And do you know when we can expect to hear the album?

Vanessa: Hopefully around November time, just before the tour starts.

PopDash: How does it feel being one of, if not the, biggest girl bands in Britain?

Frankie: It feels lovely. We work so hard that we never get much of an opportunity to reflect on things like that but it’s lovely that all our hard work has paid off and that people seem to like us.

PopDash: Do you keep an eye out for new girl bands? We’ve already had Parade and Wonderland do well this year…

Frankie: We don’t watch out but we think there’s always room for more. When we started there was Girls Aloud and Sugababes so we like seeing as many as possible really. It will be interesting to see how they do, we wish them all the best.

PopDash: And Girls Aloud are reforming next year as well….

Vanessa: We’re so happy to see them back together. They started us off at the beginning of our career so we can’t wait to see them again.

PopDash: Do you have a message for your fans who are lucky enough to get tickets for the ‘All Fired Up’ tour?

Frankie: Just thank you really. We’re so excited to be coming out and performing for you, putting on the best show possible.

PopDash: And finally, what are The Saturdays up to this Summer?

Vanessa: Loads of gigs, loads of festivals. We’re playing V Festival, T In The Park, Oxegen and loads of our own shows too. We can’t wait.

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