Mollie: ‘I had no idea who David Gandy was!’

Bit of a quiet period again, but @molliethesats chats about her relationship with David Gandy


Mollie King has revealed she had no idea who her new boyfriend David Gandy was when she first met him.

The 24-year-old singer admitted she was oblivious to the fact Gandy was a hugely successful Dolce & Gabbana model when they were introduced at a party.

She explained to Company magazine: ‘We met a while ago at a fashion party when a friend introduced us.

‘My first thought was that he seemed a really nice guy. The girls were like, “Do you know who you were talking to, Moll?” ‘

When I first met him I had no idea who he was, which is probably a good thing otherwise I’d have got all starstruck!’

But Mollie admitted she is finding it difficult getting used to the press attention that comes with being in a high-profile celebrity relationship.

She said: ‘It is weird dating in the public eye, especially when it’s so new. When the papers first ran pictures of us I thought, “Oh my goodness is this what it’s going to be like?”

‘I don’t want to have to constantly wear make-up or for him to have to worry about looking after me around hordes of photographers.’

And while Mollie and David have now been dating for a few months, the Up singer says she wasn’t looking for a relationship when they first met.

She said: ‘On our first date we went out for dinner but kept it low-key. I actually wanted to be single for a while, having just come out of a two-year relationship and being heartbroken.

‘I get on with David like a best friend, but it helps that I fancy him too! When he met my friends and family, to them it was just me bringing home my new boyfriend. I told him, if you get in with Mum, you’ll be fine. Luckily, she really liked him!’

But it’s not all partying for the singer and her model beau, as Mollie told Company: ‘It sounds clichéd but we just do normal things, like watch movies or go for breakfast.

‘We don’t sit and talk about work. It’s the same with my friends, who I’ve known since I was seven. We chat about make-up and boys.’

While The Saturdays have now found success in their own right, they originally shot to fame when they supported Girls Aloud on tour.

Talking about the experience, Mollie said: ‘I am a huge fan of Girls Aloud – when we found out we were going on tour with them, I was beside myself.

‘On the first night, Cheryl and Kimberley came to our dressing rooms to wish us luck. I can normally chat for England but I was speechless.’

And just like Cheryl Cole, Mollie is hoping to emulate the success the former girlband star found by appearing on The X Factor judging panel.

She said: ‘We still have so much to do as The Saturdays, so I’m focused on that. But I would love to be involved in a future X Factor panel.’
Source: DailyMail
Full interview is in Company Magazine, which goes on sale tomorrow!

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