Mollie ‘dyeing’ to swap hair

Seems @MollieTheSats wants a new hair colour!

BEING a pop star is not always easy, as babe Mollie King knows only too well.

The Saturdays blonde bombshell Mollie King, 24, has admitted to Goss she has been gagging to dye her famous locks – but her music bosses won’t allow that to happen.

She told us: “I did want to dye my hair, but they won’t really let me as I need to be blonde for the band. I guess that’s just how it works.”

Although we understand that girl bands do need to be carefully balanced, we also reckon that it’s a woman’s right to dye her hair as and when she pleases.

We feel Mollie is better blonde, but what hair colour would you like to see her wear? Leave us a comment below 🙂

Source: Daily Star

1 thought on “Mollie ‘dyeing’ to swap hair”

  1. Charlie Cromwell-Pinder

    I love Mollie’s hair Blonde but she would look lush with any colour hair! I LOVE YOU MOLLIE XXX

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