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[Updated] V Festival 2011: Performances

Here’s @thesaturdays performance at the 2011 V Festival:


PLEASE NOTE: At the start (Ego) there is an echo in the audio, I resolve this though Up – but there is a flick away from the video as I fix that –  beyond that it is all good. Maybe another copy will appear without these ‘issues’ but something is better than nothing right? Please note this is a screen recording and please treat is as one, its not meant to be HQ but it is viewable.

Update: There was another Interview with the girls, and a mini behind-the-scenes sort of video from the late night highlights show, you can view that at the bottom of the post. Sadly no additional performance as they re-showed the I Need A Dollar performance.

Videos from the Channel 4 broadcast:

I Need A Dollar / Buzzin’ (Channel 4 HD)

Interview (Channel 4 HD)


Interview & Behind The Scenes (Channel 4 HD)


V Festival: Interview

Here’s an interview with @unahealy and @frankiethesats from the V Festival:

The girls are performing today – obviously – in Essex, which is where Channel 4 have placed all the cameras for recording. There are two shows on TV today, one at 5.35pm and another at 11.40pm.

I’ve also updated our inbetweeners video post, where Una and Rochelle talk about the TV show, I think I’ve probably added another 20secs or so – if that – if you want to view that you can see the original post below.