The Saturdays on the ‘bad’ boys who have won their hearts

GIRL group The Saturdays have revealed they are happily loved up with a bunch of BAD boys.

That’s the tag – standing for boys and dogs – that the girls have given to the four men and nine canines in their lives because they hang out together so much.

The boys regularly meet up for beers and are plotting to spend even more time with each other.

According to the girls, it’s now a full-on bromance between their partners.

England rugby ace Ben Foden dates Una Healy, JLS singer Marvin Humes lives with Rochelle Wiseman, model David Gandy goes out with Mollie King, and Manchester City footballer Wayne Bridge is Frankie Sandford’s man.

Vanessa White is the only free Saturday, despite having been linked with a number of celebs in the past.

Rochelle admits she’s feeling a touch of jealousy about her man’s closeness to Una’s fella.

She says: “We are pretty busy so it’s hard enough to see Marvin. He has to watch it because I’d be a bit gutted if, when I had some down time he said, ‘I’m going to meet Ben’.

“There is a bit of bromance going on between those two.

“Marvin keeps talking about how he wants to go and watch him play rugby and their latest scheme is they reckon they are going to start playing golf.

“We like their schemes but they never seem to get around to putting them in practice.

“It is like most boys, you see them talking and you are like, ‘What are you two up to?’ You just raise your eyebrows when they come out with a plan.”

Una agrees: “I think Ben wants to join JLS. He reckons he is a bit of singer. He’s not bad, he sings all around the house at home.

“I taped him and played it to Marvin and he said he was going to get him in a show.”

Frankie, who has been dating former England defender Wayne for several months, reveals the boys have a softer side even if they don’t show it all the time.

She said: “They get all manly when they’re together and try not to show what they are really like.”

Una agrees: “Yeah, Ben is like, ‘She does this and that’ and the others are like, ‘My one does it, too.’”

Frankie also hints that Wayne might be the worst of the bunch when it comes to the boys getting up to mischief together.

She said: “It’s when they are at gigs, they are a bad influence on each other.

“They are on a jolly and having a good day out. There is one ringleader. I’m not naming him, but you can guess.

“We meet them after and you can clearly see they’ve had a few beers. It’s actually quite funny.”

Rochelle laughs: “We call them our BADs, boyfriends and dogs, because they’re like our posse.”

After nine top 10 hits, the band have a huge fan base but say it is a constant battle to keep success coming.

Despite being X Factor fans – and even though it’s how Rochelle’s fella got his break – they blame TV talent shows for many of the industry’s problems.

Rochelle says: “It gives a false sense to how easy things are. It’s not real as you become a household name almost immediately.

“It’s a little bit upsetting to see instant fame and recognition go to someone when we know how hard it is.

“We have to do the gigs, the hard work, the trawling around everywhere and it’s not all Saturday night glamour.”

Frankie adds: “One thing I have a real problem with in relation to X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent is about the people who don’t make it.

“They have been built up and then are dumped. Marvin is lucky because I don’t think JLS are associated with X Factor any more.”

Despite their worries about the show, the band are big fans of the new judging panel.

Mollie says: “We love X Factor. The new line-up is amazing. Gary is the new Simon. When you come to him on the panel, you can tell he really has something he wants to say.”

A night in front of the TV is a welcome change for the girls, who are constantly snapped on nights out. They admit the pressure to look good can be too much.

Mollie says: “I got my picture taken while I was walking my dog and wearing a tracksuit.

“The next thing there is a story, ‘Mollie is having a rough day.’ I’m not, I’m a normal person walking my dog.”

Next up for the group is a new record, out this week, on which the girls used their own experiences for inspiration.

Una says: “The songs are not always about the loving and happy relationships we are in. I dig into the past and remember all the bad boyfriends I had and all the crap things they did to me.”

The girls refused to reveal if any of the songs are about current boyfriends but say they are all settled, except Vanessa.

At the moment, there are no wedding bells but who knows what the boyfriends are talking about when they get together?

Rochelle says: “There is a marriage boom at the moment. Since Wills and Kate, everyone wants to get married.”

She hints she might be open to an offer from Marvin and stresses a proposal is not her job. She says: “I know you can ask if you are a girl on February 29 but I won’t be doing it.”

Source: Daily Record

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