‘On Your Radar’ tracklisting – 13 songs

Seems the track listing of the album was revealed today:

1. ‘All Fired Up’
2. ‘Notorious’
3. ‘Faster’
4. ‘My Heart Takes Over’
5. ‘White Lies’
6. ‘For Myself’
7. ‘The Way You Watch Me’
8. ‘Do What You Want With Me’
9. ‘Promise Me’
10. ‘Wish I Didn’t Know’
11. ‘Get Ready, Get Set’
12. ‘Last Call’
13. ‘I Say OK’

Source: DigitalSpy

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2 thoughts on “‘On Your Radar’ tracklisting – 13 songs”

  1. Kinda curious as to why ‘Turn Myself In’ isn’t on the tracklist, unless they just changed the name but I don’t think any of the song titles fit it.

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