Mollie: ‘The Saturdays make me wet myself’

Seems @MollieTheSats needs to keep a toilet nearby 😀

Mollie King has admitted to wetting herself as an adult.

The singer blamed her Saturdays bandmates for making her laugh so hard that she lost control.

Asked if she had ever wet herself as an adult, King told Heat: “Yeah, but only when the girls make me laugh so much that a little bit of pee comes out.”
She added: “God, I sound so unattractive, don’t I?!”
King also revealed that she and Frankie Sandford “squabble like sisters” and had a fight the previous day.
“We’d promised each other we’d both wear tracksuits, but she turned up at mine in nice leggings,” King said.
“So I took my tracksuit off and put shorts on, but then she was like, ‘That’s not fair!’. So I had to put the tracksuit back on. It was a bit silly.”
King, who is currently dating male model David Gandy, claimed in 2010 to have only kissed three boys in her life.

Source: DigitalSpy

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