All Fired Up Tour .. 3 days to go!

@thesaturdays hit the seaside town of Bournemouth in just three days now, as the All Fired Up tour kicks off at the Windsor Hall at the Bournemouth International Centre this coming Friday, and we shall be there to take in the sights of the opening night!

According to twitter this morning the girls finally see the actual stage today – leaving it a little late girls?! – and we imagine the next few days will be non-stop running through the show and getting those last minute tweaks ready for the show.

What songs are you wanting to see at the show? We already know they are performing ALL the singles – thats a good 12 songs already! Plus no doubt a selection of songs from the new album On Your Radar .. its going to be an exciting night that is for certain!!

1 thought on “All Fired Up Tour .. 3 days to go!”

  1. It’s getting so close now! I’m not able to go but I’m very excited to see all the footage of it and hear about everything that goes on, I’m sure they’ll put on a fun show! I’m hoping they sing the Travie Collab on tour, Get Geady Get Set & White Lies from the new album.

    Matt are you going to the opening night?

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