All Fired up in Manchester!

@thesaturdays roll up to Manchester this evening as the All Fired Up tour will play its biggest night of the tour. The (rather large) Manchester Evening News Arena is the venue tonight for THE tour of the festive season. Despite the girls not using the upper tiers tonight, this has the potential to be the biggest attended night of the tour.

To all those going have a wonderful evening, remember if you do go send us in your review, we will be posting up all the reviews this weekend, and any other bits and pieces we have missed, full service is resuming soon 🙂

3 thoughts on “All Fired up in Manchester!”

  1. Vicky Treece-Birch (12 Years old)

    OMIGOD, I absolutely loved your tour, It was absolutely fantastic, You did a great job, I didn’t want it to end.
    Follow me on twitter PLEASSEE!!!
    My Name is twitter it- VickyToriaTB

  2. you girls we’re amazing on friday, loved all the outfits and especially alll the outfits una wore and you could see her baby bump, so cute. loved the twist of ‘moves like jagger’ and ‘if this is love’ so amazing girls, need to come and seee you again, love you xxxx

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