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It’s all gone a bit quiet in the new year hasn’t it? Just hope this isn’t a sign that 2012 is going to be a quiet year, as per my quick New Year post it seems 2012 could well be a quieter time for the girls musically – yes I know its only January 5th, but with marriages and babies …

Brief look around the Internet there are lots of reports that our lovely Rochelle and Marvin are planning to get married in 10 weeks time! Not hanging around then, we expect an invite in the post shortly Rochelle 😉

The other couple-to-be are seemingly planning an Irish wedding according to the Irish media. As they spent the christmas period hunting for venues! Plus over various reports seem to be reporting on Una’s toilet abilities (Is news really that slow?!)

In better news the girls play their first (and maybe last) show for a while next week as they perform at Alexendra Burke’s charity concert – the Asda Tickled Pink ‘Girls Night Out’ for the Breast Cancer charity. Although how much dancing Una will be doing is up for question, maybe they can borrow some stools and do a few acoustic numbers!

*Fingers crossed* for a new single soon, surely they will squeeze one out before Una gives birth for us dedicated members of TeamSats!

If you need a tour fix, the girls support at Oh My! ‘created’ their new music video from bits and pieces they took during the ‘All Fired Up’ tour, you can catch the video here.

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