Day and Night Ventures

This is proving to be a bit of a discussion point, thanks to those over at PopJustice (who else!) who have dug this up!

It seems that our girls aren’t just a pretty face, it looks like that in August 2010, the girls setup a company ‘Day and Night Ventures’ if you click on the link you will see that each girl is named as a ‘director’ of the company. Apparently this company deals with the name ‘The Saturdays’ which suggests that Universal Music don’t own the name of the group – this in turn means that when the girls strike a deal with a company to endorse a product – a percentage of the money won’t be going towards their label but will go to this company.

The interesting point here is that if Universal Music decided to drop them, (but lets be totally honest here the chance of that right now is very low to zero!) there – seemingly – would be no problems that the girls could go it alone, and continue like nothing happened, as they will own the rights to their own name.

To also dispell some rumours going online, believe me this is generating a lot of talk online, on non-music forums too, the figures for the company suggest they don’t have too much money. This might be the case on paper, but remember you NEED to borrow money to start up the business, looking at the figures the company (before taking off money owed etc) made nearly £300k in a very short period of time (plus there are around £140k in ‘other assets’). Remember they’ve just completed an Arena tour, which isn’t added to this total either ..

Either way this means that our girls aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and that we all might complain about this and that, but hats off to the ladies, this is one clever move on their behalf!

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