‘The Way You Watch Me’ to be a single after all?

Update (23rd Feb): Seems the video is being shot tomorrow – 24th February!
Update 2 (23rd Feb): @TheSaturdays official twitter confirms a video is being recorded tomorrow, and they continue to use the ‘BRAND NEW‘ wording … exciting times ahead that is for certain!!


Seems @TheSaturdays ‘The Way You Watch Me’ might be a single after all .. they have casted people for the video today, via twitter:

Mikey Levelle at Shameless is casting a music video for THE SATURDAYS – ‘The Way you Watch Me’ Director: Taylor Cohen

Is this the next UK single? Are they using the ‘Travie Effect’ for a US buzz song? In a similar way Taio Cruz used Kylie for the UK release of ‘Higher’ but the US version featured Travie McCoy? Is all this a bit sudden either way as Una can hardly be used in the promo. Are they doing it for both markets?

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2 thoughts on “‘The Way You Watch Me’ to be a single after all?”

  1. Im not sure if it’s a good choice. Of course TWYWM is an amazing song but the album has so much possible super hits like Faster or Promise Me. Crossed fingers for the sats not to use the ‘travie effect” cause it might be worthless, Travie is not that big star that he was back in GCH time. Wishing them loads of luck and success !

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