Frankie on Sport Relief does Glee Club

Our very own @FrankieTheSats appeared as a judge on the final of Sport Relief does Glee Club, for those who where unable to view the show, or don’t live in the UK you can watch clips of Frankie here:

Please remember if you use this video on your site/blog etc please credit us back 🙂 All the embed codes are on the site for you to use. 🙂

The show was around 45mins but they didn’t go to Frankie that often :/ They didn’t ask for her comments after the acts performed, and barely noticed she was there 🙁

I’ve uploaded a of video from the main show above, she was also on just before the show started and I’ll get them online asap. Tomorrow’s Million Pound Drop will be more @TheSaturdays related. The full show is available on the BBC iPlayer plus also on various on demand services provided on some broadcasting platforms.

Remember to support Sports Relief by buying the Sports Relief socks, or just by giving a donation! All details can be found on the Sports Relief website


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