Mollie on Britain & Irelands Next Top Model

Seems @MollieTheSats is due to make an appearance on the new series of Britain & Irelands Next Top Model! According to an article in Female First Mollie is set to appear in one of the shows to help with the ‘weekly tasks’ that the potential winning models are set:

“Alongside the guest judges, this year’s series will see a number of fashion favourites offering the girls their guidance for the weekly challenges, including The Saturday’s Mollie King, and fashion blogger and Face of Forever 21 Bip Ling.”

The show starts on Sky Living on July 9th, hopefully we will be told on what show Mollie will be appearing on and we’ll obviously have it up on the site!

Lets hope the new single arrives soon, apart from Vanessa & Rochelle doing their good deed in Africa right now, it seems – musically at least – its gone very quiet over the last couple of weeks hasn’t it?

Source: Female First

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