Rochelle talks new single, album

Seems we might have a little longer to wait afterall. @RochelleTheSats has been talking to Maximum Pop and confirms that the new single isn’t due out until the end of the summer period.

MP: What else is happening in the world of The Saturdays apart from weddings, babies and TV shows?
Rochelle: We are working on the next album now, it’s going to come out early next year.

MP: And when can we expect to hear the first single?
Rochelle: We’ve recorded our next single, but it’s not got a name yet. It’s going to come out at the end of Summer.

MP: Will it be a similar sound to ‘On Your Radar?’
Rochelle: It’s very dancey, but it’s going to be a lot more edgy than our previous stuff and what we are known for. I think we are definitely a pop band so we will carry on doing what we do best. The best thing about singing for me is always being able to try out different stuff.

Read the full interview at the source below.

Source: Maximum Pop

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