Una – Let’s Get Gold – Episode 3

Here’s the third, and final part, of Una judging on the ITV1 series ‘Let’s Get Gold’ again this is our edit, its around 5min long. Sorry that its not in HD, my HD recording went a big wrong – my fault I wasn’t keeping an eye on it – but this is in SD and is more than watchable. Hope you all enjoyed the efforts put into bringing this show to you all 🙂

2 thoughts on “Una – Let’s Get Gold – Episode 3”

  1. Love to see entire episodes so we can see what they’re judging here in the states. Can you upload entire episodes?

    1. Hi, I might add the videos in a few weeks when they are not available on the ITV Player anymore. But until then I don’t want to lose all our videos (again) due to a take-down notice so the entire show is not avaialble just yet – sorry!

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