The Saturdays hit the USA

Sorry for the slow news recently, as most of you know I work at a school and it’s now the summer holiday so I’ve been taking some time out and watching the Olympics and spending time with friends and family. On top of that our girls have been too busy getting married so news hasn’t beeen of the most exciting, but hopefully all this will now change as the girls have flown out to the USA to start their attempt to break the US Market. Although its early days the girls haven’t done much apart from chilling at a pool and hitting some celebrity night spots – but I guess thats how it all starts.

The girls are in LA to continue to film their E! TV series which is filming them in their attempts to break the US. They will no doubt continue to record over in the USA. The exciting times at present is obviously the TV show as well as how the US will be attempted, will they release a new-single there as they do in the UK? Will their US album be the same as the new UK one – due 2013 –  or a UK -Greatest Hits with some of the new songs recorded for the new UK release. I’m sure all will be revealed over the coming months. At least whilst the girls are over in the US there will be a lot of publicity for them as they are photographed going from A to B to C.

Here are a few pictures from the last few days, more can be found in our gallery.

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