The day is here!


It’s finally the day we have ALL been waiting for, Chasing The Saturdays premieres TONIGHT – well if you live in the USA or Canada. The show airs at 10pm (9pm Central) on E!, also a sneaky look at iTunes in the US suggest it’s going to be put on there too, so please make sure you buy it as well to support the girls in the USA!

It’s snowing (again) in London, so I thought I’d run through the news items and see if anything is worth posting. Firstly need to mention that our gallery is being updated with all the pictures of the girls from the USA. So make sure you pop over and take a look!

The girls are in YOU! Magazine in the UK Today (It’s a Sunday supplement from the Daily Mail) fortunately it seems if you don’t want to buy it the entire interview has been posted online on the DailyMail website. It’s pretty long so you can click through to read it. I’ve posted some of the pictures below.

Firstly JessieJ has praised ‘glowing’ Rochelle as Jessie, Rochelle and the JLS lads all went to dinner last night!

We have a REVIEW in for Chasing The Saturdays (yes seriously) and the NY Daily News gives it 3/5 calling it “On to the toppermost of the poppermost.”


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