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First thing to say is that its FRIDAY! (Our second favourite day of the week – obviously). Secondly its also now February .. where is the year going?!

Another day, another update, to say its been busy the last month has been an understatement thats for sure!

Firstly a roundup from Twitter, as a few people have already noticed What About Us is basically set to be released everywhere over the next few months. It will be almost impossible for us to report where the song is charting everywhere, so if you are visiting from a country we don’t usually report on please drop us a message (see the Social menu at the top) and we will add it to the news 🙂

Secondly the girls popped into KissFM the other day who have kindly sent over some information for us to post 🙂

During the interview, they told us about an embarrassing situation with Sean Paul, Rochelle being kept up at night by an ‘amorous’ couple next door and Mollie‘s run-in with the law.

Rochelle also discussed shopping and her new home set-up with husband Marvin from JLS.

Plus, Mollie King told us about her worst ever Valentine’s date, the currently single star revealed that she once accidentally went out with her mum on V-Day.

“I once went to the cinema with my mum, it was the worst,” she says.“I didn’t realise it was Valentine’s and everyone was… there were smooching couples around and I was like, ‘mum let’s just leave this is embarrassing.’”and plans for this year.

The girls also fight over who’ll be babysitting Rochelle & Marvin JLS‘s baby!

Talking babysitting, Mollie says she’s going to step up duties when Rochelle’s little one is born.

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