[Updated] Good Monday!

Hey all! It’s Monday again. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 🙂 Sorry for the sporadic updates recently, it’s been chaos at work, plus I have my first piece of University work due shortly so been rushing around like crazy getting work done!

The girls have flown back to the US yesterday, they are appearing on The Wendy Williams Show today, I was semi-hoping this would be the start of the girls much needed promo in the US, we will attempt to get a video up as soon as we can, but before we all get too excited, the girls are coming back to the UK pretty quickly as they have UK promo (not much tho, sadly – yet!) for the UK release of ‘What About Us’ which is out this coming Sunday – get preordering #TeamSats!

UK promo so far seems to be:

Saturday 16th/Sunday 17th March – MTV TakeOver
Saturday 16th March
– The Matt Edmondson Show – BBC Radio 1- 10am
Sunday 17th March – Sunday Brunch – Channel 4 – 9.30am
Monday 18th March – Daybreak – ITV1 – from 7.00am 
Friday 22nd March – Alan Carr: Chatty Man – Channel 4 – 10pm

For those with VirginMedia the girls are also their Artist on Demand. Check out Music on Demand for more information.

The song is A-Listed on Radio 1 so it is getting great support from radio!

Vanessa is also ‘excited’ about the new album.

Also the girls seem to be grabbing those airmiles when they can, in the interview for Fabulous magazine, Rochelle has said that the girls are going to Australia in April too! Never a boring moment being a Saturday, I’m sure like everyone else we hope that they actually make an impression in these countries they are going to, rather than just being known by a few 🙂

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