Frankie in OK Magazine, Australia

Hey all! Hope Monday treated you all well, its now Tuesday so we are one step closer (haha) to the weekend

Frankie is in the new OK Magazine talking about her engagement to Wayne:


Not too many details on their site, so you will have to rush out and buy the magazine, it also says ‘Interview with The Saturdays’ so maybe there is more, we will post more as we get it! You can read (a tiny bit more) on their website

Also here’s an article from the other side of the world (well for us anyway!) here’s the girls speaking to Yahoo! Australia!

Speaking over the phone to promote the show’s Australian premiere, the group’s bubbly blonde Mollie King and mother-figure Rochelle Humes claim the cameras never stopped rolling, allowing for a warts-and-all depiction of their lives.

“We always said to each other ‘If we’re going to do this we need to show people actual reality’,” King says.

“There were moments when we were feeling a bit vulnerable and I think we’ve all had a crying moment on the show. At those points you sort of wish the cameras weren’t there but it’s something that we signed up for so we had to sort of go along with it.

“You do get a real insight into everything. You see us all at our highest points and our lowest points.”

You can read more at the source but it’s (sadly) pretty much the same promotional talk they’ve been doing for Chasing The Saturdays globally, but those new fans in Australia probably haven’t heard it yet so its good promo 🙂

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