The day after Gentleman

As expected – well as I expected anyway – today the media is full of ‘reviews’ of Gentleman and its split everyone right down the middle it seems. I won’t post links to every review out there but reviews have been really good, or really bad (Everyone has their opinion) but I can’t seem to find a ‘it’s ok’ sort of review.

CapitalFM has taken comments from online social networking and claiming its ‘pure genius’ – they also seem to be playing it a lot already, whatever you might think of Capital on a personal level its good to have one of the major UK networks (seemingly) already on board, lets hope Radio 1 join in too and get it A-Listed again!

The Sun on the other hand seem to pick out the ‘worse’ comments from social networking – which is the other end of the spectum. As I said everyone is entitled to their own opinions and a song like this will split opinions across the board.

Listen to the song below and tweet us @TheSatsCoUk and vote in our poll below (see to the right) and tell us what YOU think about this new song. Also make sure you hit up the pre-order links on the right too!

Update: Here’s Mollie on Capital the other day talking about Gentleman ahead of its premiere on CapitalFM:

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