Doncaster and more

Firstly a huge thanks to everyone who was involved in the meet up at Doncaster this weekend, lots of talk, laughs (drinks) and topped off with a great gig too! We all had a blast that’s for certain. If you where in attendance I’m sure you enjoyed it too as the girls put on another great show! (Lawson weren’t bad either 😉 )
For those asking the girls didn’t perform Gentleman, the first performance of that is expected to be this coming Saturday at Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

Also should add, just in case she reads this, thanks to Vanessa for following us on Twitter last week. We are now followed by both Mollie and Vanessa, so make sure you follow us too on @TheSatsCoUk 🙂

Una took to her blog on Hello to talk about the show being ‘axed’ and confirms that the show only had a 10 episode run anyway, so make of this what you will. I guess ultimately you can spin it both ways ‘being axed’, ‘not renewed’ etc. The media will always be the media!

If you have forgotten (and I hope not!) the Gentleman music video premieres this week, so something to look forward to as the week progresses, they will no doubt ‘tease’ us more as the week progresses.

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